Organizing Committee

Lutgarde Buydens – Radboud University, COAST, Chair EuroAnalysis 2021
Jeroen Jansen – Radboud University, SAC-KNCV, Secretary EuroAnalysis 2021
Frans Maris – MSD, SAC-KNCV, Treasurer EuroAnalysis 2021
Oscar van den Brink – Nouryon, COAST

Michel Nielen – Wageningen University & Research, COAST
Cari Sänger-van de Griend – Kantisto, Uppsala Universitet, SAC-KNCV
Antony Davies - University of South Wales

International Scientific Committee

Marc Baldus – Utrecht University
Lutgarde Buydens – Radboud University Nijmegen
Bezhan Chankvetadze – Tbilisi State University
Aoife Gowen – University College Dublin
Thomas Hankemeier – Leiden University
Ron Heeren – Maastricht University
Gérard Hopfgartner – Université de Genève
Uwe Karst – Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Rudolf Krska – Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Manuel Miro – University of the Balearic Islands
Janusz Pawliszyn – University of Waterloo
Jana Roithova – Radboud University Nijmegen
Peter Schoenmakers – Universiteit van Amsterdam
Roma Tauler – CSIC Spanish Council of Scientific Research
Luisa Torsi – Università degli Studi di Bari
Sabeth Verpoorte – University of Groningen
Manfred Wilhelm – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Timothy Wood – OPCW

Advisory Committee

Jiri Barek, Charles University Prague, DAC-EuChemS
Manon Bloemer – VNCI Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry
Lutgarde Buydens – Radboud University, DAC-EuChemS
Franka Kalman – HES-SO, DAC-EuChemS
Bert Kip – Brightlands
Snezana Miljanic – University of Zagreb, DAC-EuChemS
Sibel Özkan – Ankara University, DAC-EuChemS
Slavica Ražić – University of Belgrade, DAC-EuChemS
Floris Rutjes – Radboud University, President Elect EuChemS
Marcela Alves Segundo – University of Porto, DAC-EuChemS
Raluca-Ioana Stefan-van Staden – Romanian Chemical Society, DAC-EuChemS
Charlotta Turner – Lund University, DAC-EuChemS
Martin Vogel – University of Münster, DAC-EuChemS

Local Organizing Committee

Debbie van der Burg – Kantisto, Technical University Braunschweig
Lutgarde Buydens – Radboud University
Eef Dirksen – Synthon Biopharmaceuticals
Mark Eggink – Synthon Biopharmaceuticals
Rita Folcarelli – Corbion
Fred van Geenen – Radboud University
Rob Haselberg – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, SAC-KNCV
Guinevere Kammeijer – Leiden University Medical Center
Isabelle Kohler – Leiden University
Nico van de Merbel – PRA Health Sciences, University of Groningen, SAC-KNCV
Danny van Oevelen – Agilent Technologies, SAC-KNCV
Tim Offermans – Radboud University
Geert Postma – Radboud University
Ben de Rooij – Avans University of Applied Sciences, SAC-KNCV
Georgina Ross – Wageningen University & Research
Gert Salentijn – Wageningen University & Research
Gerjen Tinnevelt – Radboud University


The Section Analytical Chemistry (SAC) of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV) represents and promotes the analytical-chemical discipline and is an advocate for the analytical-chemical parties and those interested in this discipline. The SAC aims to serve analytical chemistry in the broadest sense in areas such as education and research, as well as all application areas where analytical chemistry is used. Through discussion groups the SAC enables the contact between students, research and professionals and helps them increase their knowledge.


In 2008 representatives from leading Dutch industry laboratories and academic groups in analytical science and technology groups at universities joined forces to meet the demands for (i) fundamental research in the area of analytical science and (ii) well-trained analytical personnel at PhD, MSc and BSc (plus BAS) levels. The sense of urgency was evident. They decided to start COAST as a community vehicle to invest in the future of Analytical Science and Technology. COAST develops and executes an integrated strategic agenda for research, human capital and infrastructure in analytical science. Today, COAST is recognized as the Community of Innovation in Analytical Science and Technology in The Netherlands.


The Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) is a network of chemical societies and their members working in all fields of analytical sciences. The DAC gives a voice to the interdisciplinary field of analytical sciences. The DAC is based in Europe and aims at close links to related institutions all over the world. The DAC is a division of EuChemS, the European Chemical Society, an umbrella organisation representing national Chemical Societies and other chemistry-related organisations in Europe. EuChemS aims to nurture a platform for scientific discussion and to provide a single, unbiased European voice on key policy issues in chemistry and related fields.